Water Heater Safety and the Emergency Safety Relief Valve
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Safe Plug Relief (SPR) For Water Heater Safety
Prevent catastrophic explosions on water heaters and boilers with the SPR.

The Dulac Safe Plug Relief (SPR) fitting is a safety device for water heaters and
purpose of the discharge from the T&P Relief Valve, the SPR will separate. This will
allow the T&P Relief Valve to work as expected (BLOW OFF), preventing a Water
Heater or Boiler explosion.
Features & Benefits SPR
  • CSA Certified
  • Tamper Proof
  • Fast & Easy to Install
  • Constant Protection
SPR Installation
Simple to Install - thread SPR into
T&P valve, and thread drain line into
the SPR.

is threaded into T&P, a slip washer
keeps the SPR from being removed.

Install Horizontally or Vertically.

NO maintenance required.
You could have a potential EXPLOSIVE DEVICE siting in your home or business
water heater. if it goes, it could cause serious damage or injury. Protect your
home or business with the revolutionary
SPR®Safe Plug Relief®

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