Excerpt found on an inspectors website
Implement the FIT-SAFE water heater inspection program.
Water Heater "Warrant of Fitness" Sticker to memorialize the re-inspection of the
T&P Relief Valve.
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"Yesterday morning Walter (Dad's brother) and I
went to eat breakfast at a restaurant (location
deleted to protect the guilty).  They were unable to
open because they had no water. I, being the
helpful sort of person that we Hiltons are, agreed to
look around and see if I could locate the problem --
it eventually turned out to be a frozen water main. In
the course of looking I discovered that the T&P valve
(on the water heater) had leaked on the floor, so the
operator did the logical thing that an uninformed
person would do, they installed a pipe plug in the
escape port of the T&P valve. I told the lady now
operating the restaurant that was a no-no and that a
malfunction in the heater could cause a tremendous
explosion. She apparently did not understand or
take me seriously. I checked this morning and the
plug is still in the T&P valve. It could make
headlines anytime now.  Hopefully they use enough
hot water during the day that a boom would occur
after hours. It needs to be corrected -- but how if the
owner or operator does not assume the
By Watts Regulator

54 Cases from 1964 – 69 (5 year span)
In 26 States (including territory of
Puerto Rico)
Resulted in 3 deaths and 27 injuries and Devastating Property Damage.

This report focused primarily on the importance of the thermostat in a T&P valve.  Secondly
the report depicts the devastating potential of any water heater unable to relieve pressure
proving the importance of the drain line.
Certification Required products:
-Smoke Detectors
-Fire Extinguishers
-Carbon Monoxide Detectors
-Drinking water
-Combination T&P Safety Relief Valves
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