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The WHID© is the only automatic shut off valve for
water heater leak protection that is hydraulically
activated eliminating the need for any electrical energy or
sensing devices. The WHID's ability to isolate a leaking water
heater with the least amount of water loss is instrumental in
mitigating water damage and mold eradication.
Protect your home and family today. IT'S NOT IF, BUT WHEN
The Dulac Safe Plug Relief (SPR) fitting is a safety device for water
heaters and boilers. In the event a plug, a valve, or some other blockage
is used to defeat the purpose of the discharge from the T&P Relief
Valve, the SPR will separate. This will allow the T&P Relief Valve to work
as expected (BLOW OFF), preventing a Water Heater or Boiler explosion.
The SPR  is the ONLY product that can PREVENT explosions from
plugged T&P drain lines and/or valves.
The Safe Plug Relief
Prevent Catastrophic  Water Heater Explosions
                      ABOUT OUR COMPANY

Our water heater leak device and our safety device are redefining pressure vessel safety.

Our Water Heater Isolation Device “WHID” is the only reusable, all mechanical leak device available.
The Safe Plug Relief “SPR” is the only T&P safety device of its kind on the market today. Both products
address the needs of property managers, contractors and home owners.

Lawrence Dulac, 40 year Master Plumber, a former Plumbing and Heating Contractor, has spent 10 years in
research and developing these products. He founded Dulac Plumbing Innovations Corp., “DPI”, in 2009.
Since then, product marketing and consumer demand have launched DPI towards the top of the leader
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Retains Water In The Tank
Prevents Water Heater Explosion

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Phone: 800-807-9827

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The Ultimate Water Heater Leak Detection Device
The 3/4" T&P Flow-Thru
Alternate Method To Test Water Heater T&P Valve
Automatically conduct a safety test of the
T&P valve every time the hot water is turned
on. This works by flowing water directly
though the T&P valve itself to prevent the
opportunity for mineral build up to occur.
Prevent The T&P From Clogging
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